Tent Washing


AmeriZyn is a proud owner of an automatic commercial Teeco™ tent washer, one of the best washers in the industry!  We are now capable of handling up to 2200 square feet at a time!

AmeriZyn’s Tent Cleaning Process:

  1. We open the tent and inspect it for damage. We can provide a quote for basic sewing and repair work.
  2. We scrub both sides of the tent using water and a specially formulated soap designed specifically for vinyl fabric. This step is critical to removing mildew, dirt, and leaf stains.
  3. We place the tent into the Teeco™ machine, which is designed to wash both sides of the tent, for a wash cycle and three rinses. Tent bags and ropes are washed separately.
  4. We hang the tent in our 34’ high, temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouse space for a minimum of four days to thoroughly dry the material.
  5. We fold and roll the tops and put them back into their bags, which are clearly marked for you for pickup, or you can arrange for us to deliver to you.

Do you worry about leaves and moisture left on your tents during the off season? How much effort and time do you spend washing your commercial tents only to find the result is not as bright and clean as it should be?  Have you had to replace a tent earlier than planned simply because it didn’t look good enough?

AmeriZyn’s state-of-the-art Teeco™ Solutions commercial washer, specially designed for washing large volumes of vinyl and canvas material, as well as sidewalls, webbing and straps, can achieve the quality cleaning you need.

Call AmeriZyn today and ask about our commercial washing servicesfor tent rental operations and individuals or businesses that own a large tents or bounce houses.

It Pays to Professionally Clean Your Tents

A 40’ x 80’ tent top can cost between $8,000 and $12,000 to replace.  For less than the cost of a single rental ($640 to $800), this tent top could be thoroughly cleaned and its color restored, extending its service life another 1-3 years. That is a substantial return on a professional cleaning investment.

Offseason and peak season rush cleaning services are available.


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